My selection of cane's begins with the Take a Hike Series Tacoma style Palm Canes. A beautifully crafted ball shaped handgrip that fits comfortably in the Palm of your hand. Tacoma Palm Canes are priced from $35.00 and up.

My Naturally Formed Cane's, often the result of growing around a rock or log, or as a shaft growing perpendicularly from a larger branch, are subject to availabily because they are much harder to find in quantity. Handgrips are custom shaped according to the natural conformation of the stick. These represent some of my most beautiful, and sought after canes I make. Prices begin at $65.00.

Steam Bent Canes, also made from sticks I harvest, (not dowling rods), offer an endless selection of unique shapes and colors from a variety of woods from the Pacific Northwest. Prices begin at $55.00

Cane Shafts made from a variety of woods, come with a selection of custom handcrafted grips made from various hardwoods, as well Elk and Deer antler. I also make antique doorknob grips which are quite popular. Prices begin at $85.00.

Finally, My Wildlife Series Cane's offer a selection of canes from the previous catagories decorated with Wildlife images, Native American symbols, and more. I render all art work by hand utilizing a variety of techniques. Many of these canes will exhibit scarring and markings from various animals and birds, including Mountain Lions, Bobcats, Elk, Deer, and Red Breasted Sapsuckers. Prices begin at $85.00 and up for sillhouette images, and $125.00 and up for color images

Though I generally have a small inventory of finished canes on hand, most canes are custom ordered items. There is typically a waiting list so order with as much advance notice as possible. Send me an email or give me a call to get started.

Sincerely, Kirk Zenkner


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