Tacoma Walking Stick Company Tacoma Walking Stick Company Tacoma Walking Stick Company

Your Custom Order Fine Art Series Stick will be crafted with the Tacoma style grip, (unless the Cascade or Wildberry style grip is preferred), and may include one or more, artistically illustrated, hand rendered images of any subject or theme you desire.

Tacoma Walking Stick Company Tacoma Walking Stick Company Tacoma Walking Stick Company

Each Custom Order Fine Art Series Stick is submerged in a polyurethane sealer, and beautifully finished with 10 double coats of high gloss polyurethane, a quality leather strap with a colered bead for wrist adjustment, and a very durable hard rubber cap for the foot.

Tacoma Walking Stick Company Tacoma Walking Stick Company Tacoma Walking Stick Company

To place a Custom, Fine Art Series order, just give me a call at 253-202-1406, or email me; [email protected], and give me a brief description of your order. Include your phone number and I will be happy to call and discuss the specific details and answer any questions you may have.

Not sure what size stick you may need. No problem. All you need to know is the height of the person your buying it for, then refer to the Grip Size Chart and you’ll find the size stick you need.

The most important measurement in selecting a stick is the height to the center of the grip area as measured from the foot of the stick. This is the grip height . This is the measurement that determines whether or not the stick will fit its intended user. Realizing that this measurement may not always be obtainable as in the case of a gift etc., I developed a grip chart based on a simple formula using a person's height to determine their correct grip height. All you need is the height of the intended recipient.

There is a fair amount of leeway here. The grip height refers to the center of the grip area, generally leaving several inches of grip area above and below the grip height measurement. It's not an exact science and often people within a few inches of the same height are comfortable with the same size stick.

If your interested in more information regarding stick selection and the distinction between a walking stick, hiking stick, and a staff, you may treat yourself to the long winded dissertation that follows.

Though a walking stick is generally shorter than a hiking stick, often by as much as ten inch’s the grip height remains the same for both sticks.

A hiking stick with a longer grip area, which allows the hiker the ability to adjust his or her grip to accommodate radical changes in elevation, gripping higher on the stick when descending, and lower on the grip area while ascending. If you prefer a hiking stick, simply combine the grip height with the overall height of your hiking stick, which should be shoulder height or taller.

A Staff is taller than a hiking stick. In my humble opinion a staff should be as tall or taller than the person using it. I like mine, about six inch’s above my head. Designed for extreme elevations, the wrist strap is placed at the top of the grip area allowing the hand to move freely up and down the grip area which often twice the length of the grip area on a hiking stick. Remember going up you get tired, coming down you get injured. Its coming down when you realize the benefit of a hiking stick or staff with its additional height and grip area.

Click here for Grip Size Chart

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